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When it comes to buying one of the best smartphones, which will you choose? iPhone or Android. It's not simple; both offer a lot of great features and they may seem basically the same other than brand and price. For me? I got no choice, my only option is iPhone. And I got no choice, I have anoth

04 11

I am here to introduce a important tool for Android. TableView is a powerful Android library for displaying complex data structures and rendering tabular data composed of rows, columns and cells. TableView relies on a separate model object to hold

03 11

Years before, when we develop OS X program, we need to handle reference counter carefully. With the new technology of ARC. We don't need to do this anymore. However, I still love the old coding style which can develop fast and efficient programs. During these years, more and more practical

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The Mifare Classic cards was created by a company called NXP Semiconductors (old Philips Electronics). The card utilize the standard ISO 14443 Type A protocol for communication on frequency 13.56 MHz (High Frequency) The cryptography utilized in the Mifare Classic cards (CRYPTO1) was deci

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